Under The Sea

Let’s take a dive under the sea!




Term 3 we have been learning all about under the sea. It has been such an exciting topic for Grade 1/2’s as we have had the chance to create touch and feel displays, visit the Melbourne Aquarium, read some excellent picture story books, and of course research the many wonderful and interesting things exist under our seas.

This Term we are assessing Inquiry a little differently. We have created a matrix that students use as the basis of their Inquiry Learning. Each lesson, students are able to choose a task from the matrix and take the necessary steps in completing that task. Each of the tasks are only to be completed once. The matrix includes a wide range of activities such as drama, art, writing, researching, performing and presenting. As we all have different learning styles and ability levels, this way of teaching allows for a more personalised approach whereby students are in charge of their own learning.


Research has shown that this independent choice and responsibility boost students self confidence, interest and over all understanding.  So what is Inquiry-based learning?

Effective inquiry is more than just asking questions. Inquiry-based learning is a complex process where students formulate questions, investigate to find answers, build new understanding, meanings and knowledge, and then communicate their learning to others.
So put on your wetsuit and take a dive into the magical world that lies beneath the water surface!

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