Watery Weather

Today we were visited by James from Monash University. He came to talk to us about weather and temperature. We had great fun while we learnt about the water cycle and why we have different weather around our world. Thanks James.


I liked the incursion because we got to make stuff like the water cycle model. Thomas Ba

James told us all about weather. Now I know that hot air rises more than cold air. We also talked about how expensive it is to go to Antarctica. Many scientist go there.  Ashley


We did some experiments with James. We talkeded about the water cycle and I discovered that room temperature is around 20 degrees. When we put our hand on the thermometor it rose to around 30 degrees. Emer


James was funny because he told us jokes and we laughed at them. Rose

1/2 Incursion on PhotoPeach




This term we are visiting the garden each Thursday. Our wonderful garden teacher, Alia is showing us so many different things around our garden. Today we did some weeding, feeding, and planting. Our chooks are looking very healthy although they are not laying any eggs at the moment. Alia also gave us all a leaf from the garden and we had to search really well to find where exactly that leaf came from. As you can see in our photos, we were all able to find a matching leaf.

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Our Amazing Mothers

My mum is amazing because……

she gives me great, big hugs (Ben S)

she helps tidy up my room (Ben D)

she takes me ice skating (Sam)

she loves me (Andrew)

she cares for me and takes my dog and I for walks (Adam H)

she is always proud of me (Aurelia)

she fixes my teddies for me (Claudia)

she takes me to the movies ( Ashleigh)

she teaches me how to play hockey (Rose)

she is always there for me (Adam C)

she is smart, caring and forgiving (Ashley)

she tells me when to do my privileges (Tommy Brown)

she is kind to me and I am kind to her (Isabel)

she buys me things (Anaya)

always looks after me when I’m sick (Georgina)

she  helps me put the Lego into the right boxes  (Harry G)

she has the best ideas about everything (Emer)

she gives me surprises when I come from school (Schevy)

she always stands up for me (Isabella)

she  lets me go on play dates with my friends (Daniel) 

she lets me choose my favourite food on my birthday (Connor)

she makes pancakes for my birthday (Harry M)

Swimming In Term Two

For the first two weeks of term 2 we have been going to swimming lessons. Our lessons have been at the Monash Aquatic Centre which is a fantastic facility. We learnt many things about swimming strokes, being safe in the water and having fun with friends at the pool. Look at our smiling faces when we are swimming. It was great fun!

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