Life In Burma

Mrs David came and spoke to all the Year 1/2 classes about a country called Burma. She visited Burma with her family last year, and we were interested to find out about her travels and what it would be like to live there. Here are some things that Mrs David told us about Burma.

  • When people get old in Burma they might not have someone that looks after them.
  • In the olden days if you didn’t have a mum and dad you would live in an orphanage.
  • In the olden days some children who didn’t have a mum and dad would live in the jungle. A man called Brother John would go and collect all the children from the jungle and bring them back to the orphanage to be looked after.
  • Back in the olden days there were people who used to eat people!! They were called cannibals. That doesn’t happen anymore…thank goodness!!
  • Sometimes the government doesn’t share the money out fairly enough so that everyone has enough money.
  • Some people in Burma are rich but many people are very poor.
  • The schools in Burma are very poor.
  • The schools in Burma are not like ours. The children do not have all the same things as us like nice pencils and books to use. The children can’t do drawings as colourful as us. The books they use are usually torn.
  • Some ladies walk around with breakfast food in baskets on their heads and people buy the breakfast off them.
  • Some houses are made out of twigs.
  • Some children sit in the middle of the market and sell things they have made. Mrs David bought a little red tea set from a little boy that she nearly fell over!!

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