Science Experiments

At the moment Grade1/2 have being doing Science Experiments every Tuesday. So far we have done a lot about the Water Cycle and we also did another one on making a rainbow.

These are some of our findings.

Science Experiments

Rainbow Colours Experiment
On Tuesdays Mrs Beary is doing experiments and one was making a rainbow. We used detergent, blue, red and yellow dye, milk and a bowl. Mrs Beary put 3 drops of dye (blue, yellow and red) into the bowl with the milk and all the colours went to the side. Then Mrs Beary put detergent in the middle and the colours mixed together. The colours were blue, red, yellow, green, purple and orange; it looked like marbling.
I learnt how rainbow colours are made. I also learnt that blue and red make purple, yellow and blue make green and yellow and red make orange.
By Emer

Making a Cloud Experiment
On Tuesday we made a cloud. We needed hairspray for pollution, a jar to put hot water in and a lid to hold the ice. We put the hot water in, the ice on the lid, then we put the lid on the jar. We waited for about a minute. We took off the lid, sprayed the hairspray in the jar and then quickly put on the lid. There was a cloud in the jar, then we took off the lid and the cloud rose out of the jar because hot air rises.
By Daniel

Making Rainbow Colours
First we put milk in the bowl and it had fat in it. Then we put detergent in and that got rid of the fat on the milk. Then we got some red, yellow and blue dye, then we put them in. We mixed red and blue to make purple. Then we mixed red and yellow to make orange and we mixed blue and yellow to make green. Then we left it for awhile and it went grey.
By Adam

Making Rainbow Colours
You need a bowl, detergent, milk, food colours red, blue and yellow. First pour the milk into the bowl. Now add the food colouring to the bowl. After that you add the detergent with an ear bud. Watch the dye mix together and look at the 3 primary colours change into secondary colours.
By Thomas H

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