Watery Weather

Today we were visited by James from Monash University. He came to talk to us about weather and temperature. We had great fun while we learnt about the water cycle and why we have different weather around our world. Thanks James.


I liked the incursion because we got to make stuff like the water cycle model. Thomas Ba

James told us all about weather. Now I know that hot air rises more than cold air. We also talked about how expensive it is to go to Antarctica. Many scientist go there.  Ashley


We did some experiments with James. We talkeded about the water cycle and I discovered that room temperature is around 20 degrees. When we put our hand on the thermometor it rose to around 30 degrees. Emer


James was funny because he told us jokes and we laughed at them. Rose

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  1. I liked the video because it showed the experiment we did and I learnt that scientist go to Antarctica. I thought it was good because James told us things that we did not know.

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